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This tool will create a virtual network with VPN routing. This virtual network system will help users overcome the network system to use free high-speed data and unlimited capacity. Completely 100% free. Bandwidth mod toolkit includes: 1 virtual network creation application and 1 4G network configuration file 4G Vietnamobile. Depends on the location where you live. The system will route a reasonable internet connection network speed for the phone. You can experiment with many Sims of 4G Vietnamobile carriers to test how successful it is and it's best to use a 0d account sim to test the tool! Good luck AE.
Lưu ý:
- File cấu hình 4G .TNL dùng Open Tunnel
- File cấu hình 4G .EHI dùng Evozi Injector
- File cấu hình 4G .HC dùng HTTP Custom
- File cấu hình 4G .SKS dùng Socks HTTP.


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TienMobile (7/18/2021)
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