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Description: 2021 ANNUAL CALENDAR: is the application that helps you look up the lunar and solar calendar conveniently and quickly.

Main fuction:
- View date calendar.
- View monthly calendar.
- Change lunar calendar to positive, positive to negative, quickly and accurately.
- See the weather daily by location.
- View circadian rhythm: give you information about the changing state of your health, emotions, and intelligence to arrange suitable working time.
- Vows: Hundreds of vows spread across the topics.
- See departure direction and date and time.
- Widget hour, day, month.
- Write notes according to the lunar or positive calendar.
- Remind calendar according to event.
- Allows to customize the display color.


If you have any questions, please leave a comment below the video. We will assist as soon as possible.
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Admin (1/21/2021)
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