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Description: Chinese Tik Tok is called Douyin. This version is more attractive than the Vietnamese version of Tik Tok. Therefore, many of you prefer to use Douyin. And the following article, toihoctiengtrung will help you to install Chinese tok tik (douyin). Attached with instructions for use. Tik Tok is a famous Chinese short video platform. Tik Tok software allows users to record and watch funny videos. Tik Tok helps you create your own music videos. The videos can be edited and added special effects. The Chinese Tik Tok is named Douyin.

Chinese name: 抖 音 短 视频 (Dǒuyīn duǎnshìpín). Abbreviated as Douyin (short video)
Founder: Truong Nhat Minh
Organization: Beijing ByteDance Technology
Release time: September 2016
Operating system: IOS, Android
Chinese Tik Tok is considered a fun lip sync software. With this application, you can lip-sync to HOT songs or funny jokes. With TikTok, you can record a video of yourself for 15 seconds.


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TienMobile (4/06/2021)
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