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Description: Mi Control Center will change the way you use your phone. Separate your quick settings from your notifications. Swipe down from the left side of the status bar to read your notifications, and from the right to control your device settings and take meaningful actions. Activation areas can be customized to your liking.
You can change your phone to MIUI and iOS design very easily and in just a few seconds step, then configure everything to your liking.
Key Features
Two different layouts: combine notifications and quick switch or split control center Similar to MIUI 12+.
◎ Full color customization: Get the base layout and color all elements the way you want.
◎ Customizations Powerful Custom Options
- Useful icons with your current device information.
- Choose your own profile picture to display in the shade.
- Choose between several tile icon shapes (circles, squares, water drops, gradients and more)
- (Pro) Quick settings grid layout changes (ie column and row numbers). br /> ◎ Adjustable background types: Choose solid color, motion picture or still image. Change opacity and opacity.
◎ Advanced notifications: Receive, read, snooze or dismiss.
◎ Advanced music: Dynamic colors based on the currently playing album art. You can skip any part of a song right from the notification progress bar.
◎ Quick reply: Reply to your messages as soon as you see them. For all Android devices.
◎ Automatic packing: Tired of a spamming app notifying you? Now they are all grouped together, for easy control.
◎ Custom background image: Choose your favorite image to show in shade ..


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TienMobile (4/08/2021)
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