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GCam 3.3 mod is the latest edited version from Google Camera Go 3.3 developed by Google. In it, it brings a number of improvements as well as the addition of new features to enhance the user's photography experience.

According to a share from the modder, the Google Camera Go 3.3 mod allows to use the secondary camera (AUX) on all Android devices, add HDR +, add night mode, new options menu, enable hidden features of Gcam Go. Time to tweak some to better suit Android devices.

Features and screenshots of the latest GCAM GO 3.3 MOD:

  • Add 2 types of logcat support
  • Add filter mode
  • Add HDR+ support and night mode
  • Add AUX support and other internal changes
  • More aspect ratios and more options on the options menu
  • Added support for both 32 and 64 bit.

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Admin (6/04/2022)
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