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YouTube Vanced is an application that has been customized from the original YouTube version developed by Google, providing many useful features such as changing the theme, opening the video player as picture-in-picture, and other perks only available. on a YouTube Premium premium account. However, most users use YouTube Vanced to block ads and play background music.

Main features of YouTube Vanced:

  • YouTube Vances is not the YouTube Premium version
  • Supports blocking all types of YouTube ADs (some options can be enabled)
  • Built-in background playback
  • Override max resolution
  • Pinch to zoom on all devices
  • Change theme (Light, dark, black)
  • PiP (Only support from Android version 8.0 and above)
  • New or old style video window option
  • Priority Resolution & Speed Features
  • Swipe to change Device Screen Volume and Brightness
  • Stream videos to different devices
  • Add repeat video playback
  • Remove panoramic ads (kind of forcing preview before playing video)
  • Use new Logo style
  • etc...

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