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While charging your battery, many background applications and tasks continuously consume your device's memory and performance; Besides, the types of connections such as wifi, 3G, 4G, 5G, Bluetooth, NFC ... work on the machine as the machine's CPU continuously consumes power. This is the biggest reason why your device takes so long to charge. So, to charge the battery faster, the only way is to turn off all background tasks, background apps, unnecessary connections on your device, which will minimize power consumption and help. Your device recharges super fast. However, the process of optimizing and accelerating the battery charging is not easy and difficult to perform because it requires many steps and requires a deep understanding of the machine.
Don't worry, there is a super solution to Your phone's battery charging time shortens, your device will be fully optimized automatically with Fast charger battery master.
This app will do all the complicated things on your behalf from turning off. redundant application arrives and disconnects so that the fast charging process is automatic and fast!
🚀 Optimization is simple.
No need much One-click operation, your device is fully optimized ::
⚡ Reduce screen brightness to reduce battery drain - Auto
⚡ Super fast charging mode - Auto
⚡ Turn off Bluetooth - Auto
⚡ Quickly clean RAM (Turn off apps & background tasks) - Automatically
⚡ Lock screen with battery charging status - Auto Automatically
⚡ Turn off Wifi network connection - Automatically
⚡ Turn off Data sync - Automatically
⚡ Turn off screen auto rotate - Auto < br /> Super fast charging based on the principle of eliminating all hidden tasks and minimizing all connections to help the device charge quickly ...


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TienMobile (4/16/2021)
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