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What is Root?

Description: Rooting is taking control of your device's system, allowing you to customize your settings over the manufacturer's high security barriers. What are the benefits of rooting?
Rooting the device can help adjust the clock and voltage for the CPU to increase processing speed or save battery, and add features that are not supported by default (for example, install Beats Audio, xLoud ... ).
After rooting, users can also completely uninstall apps pre-installed on smartphones that you never use to save memory and improve speed. And especially after rooting you can install another Rom version on the device to replace the pre-installed Rom from the manufacturer when buying the device. These rom versions can be searched on forums such as XDA or AndroidSpin and many others. Disadvantages of Rooting?
The first disadvantage is that when you root your device you will be denied the free warranty from the device supplier.
After rooting, your device will not be able to automatically update OTA from the company. But you can go to the carrier's website, download the update and install it manually.
The root or no longer depends on your needs. If you are a pure user, what the manufacturer offers is enough to meet your needs, rooting is not necessary, but if you are a person who likes to explore, tinker, you want to master. Rooting is the best option for your device However, rooting is not recommended by phone manufacturers, please root if you really need it and you understand it.

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