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Description: Reface: Video face change is a very interesting application on mobile phones, it can help you transplant your face into clips of celebrities, such as Hollywood actors, K-POP stars, ... very simple, simple and true. In particular, the application provides thousands of interesting videos, allows you to unleash your creativity, can be saved as a video or GIF and share with friends on Facebook, Instagram to have fun together!
- Add human faces to video is extremely realistic and simple.
- Thousands of celebrity clips for your creativity.
- Save as video or GIF
- Easily split Share on Facebook, Instagram
For those who love creativity and humor, Reface is a fun and completely free app. Please download and experience now !.


If you have any questions, please leave a comment below the video. We will assist as soon as possible.
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TienMobile (3/07/2021)
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