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Description: Real Amps | Edge Lighting will activate ONLY when your device is charging and will turn off when the device is unplugged. No intrusive ads, no nonsense, simply a unique charging animation experience. Our app is free and designed to use 0% CPU and low system resources.
It will give you info like notifications, clock and will allow you to control music while your device is charging; It supports fast charging, slow USB charging and wireless charging.
Excellent features
• Always on display (AOD)
• Fingerprint unlock
• Edge lighting, vibrate, pulse or deactivate to notify you when the battery is full
• Animation battery charger
• Works on all Android devices
• Displays battery status
• Displays battery details such as volts, temperature, health and type
• Display charging speed via USB, AC or WIRELESS
• Control music while playing, pause and skip
• Staff support
• Animation waves, particles, and more again
• Low system resource
• Swipe left notifications to remove, swipe right to hide
• Show weather
• Add app shortcuts and access them right from the screen
• Clickable notifications with action buttons
• Adjust screen brightness
• SMS Reply directly from the screen AOD
• Dark and light theme
• Support over 40 languages.


If you have any questions, please leave a comment below the video. We will assist as soon as possible.
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TienMobile (2/11/2021)
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